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Here's where it all began. Our first Ghost and Robot comic.  Soon to be making their full length comic debut in the long anticipated Ghost and Robot Issue 1.  

Should arrive in our haphazard fashion sometime in the Summer of 2019.      

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Not much to see here, other than a not too frequently updated blog.  But, who knows, maybe today is the day that it gets updated.  Schrodinger's Blog. You won't know until you look. 

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We will come back to you Sinn, don't you worry. 

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Sun and Flower started out in single panel comics before making the leap to bigger and brighter things.  Sun and Flower Rainy Days is usually available on Amazon and through one of us.  We can be reached at

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How unfortunate it would be to have this guys job.  If you think you can help him out and come up with your own unfortunate fortune, please let us know.

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Tami is a wonderful little comic which follows the exploits of Tami as recounted on her Facebook blog. 

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Nothing beats a good RAW quote.

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Shadow of Scare has been one of our many start and stop projects. Great cover page.  May become a full comic someday.   

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