Sitting by a canal of sorts

StartFragmentSitting by a canal of sorts. It’s low tide. Smells of sea farts. The weather is warm enough for the most recent snow to start melting, but not for the giant piles of salted ice/snow to have disappeared, they will remain for another month or so. My farts begin to mix in with the sea farts. It’s supposed to be a sign of good stomach health. Farts and burps. The sea farts just remind me of pollution though. The low tide reveals some hurried trash disposal. A frame of a bike sticking out of the muck with it’s tire hanging on for dear life and a shopping cart whose carting days are now over are both usually hidden from view. I guess they make a nice reminder of the the careless pollution that we humans seem to be so fond of. I don’t want it, so I don’t care where it goes, kind of attitude, which seems to be killing our rivers and oceans. Dump and run. Pollution and trash all add to the collective feeling of despair. Neighborhoods without pride. EndFragment

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